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Tour 8 - PUNK & NEW WAVE
Discovering the roots of the Punk Rock explosion of the late 70's

Note: This tour runs on special demand only, with price dependant on the number in the group travelling. For further information, send an email to

By the mid 1970's a new generation of rock fans were coming of age and they were not always impressed with the music that their big brothers and sisters listened to! Johnny Rotten famously walked down the Kings Road, his t-shirt emblazoned with the message 'I Hate Pink Floyd'! Punk Rock and New Wave represented a rebirth of exciting live performances, even if the bands couldn't always play more than a couple of chords. This tour explores that thrilling time when bands such as 'The Sex Pistols', 'The Clash', 'The Jam' and 'The Damned' exploded onto the scene. They were joined by a 'new wave' of more musical rockers such as Elvis Costello, Adam Ant and The Stranglers. Together, these movements planted the seeds for bands like 'U2' and more contemporary punk-influenced bands such as 'Green Day'.

On this tour, you'll visit the birthplace of British Punk, the homes and houses of the main protagonists and rediscover seminal gig sites like 'The Hope and Anchor', 'The Nashville Room', 'The Vortex' and 'Screen on the Green'. You'll also see recording studios where legendary tracks were laid down. Our cast list includes such exotic characters as Sid Vicious, Rat Scabies, Captain Sensible, Billy Idol and Poly Styrene. We also include Paul Weller, Joe Strummer, Malcolm Mclaren, fashion designer Vivianne Westwood and many others who did not need to adopt a bizarre nickname! Your expert guide explains the cultural and social background to the birth of the movement and entertains with anecdotes and stories about those glorious, if anarchic years.

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